Simple Programming

is the method we use to develop complex software applications. Every complex process is broken down to simple pieces — and from there is developed accordingly. In other words, programming made simple.

We only provide solutions which is not available in the market or if we can do better than the existing one. Two arrangements are available – standard development or joint development.

Joint Development

  1. This arrangement is only offered to special projects where Datum Solution sees unique intellectual property opportunity to develop this software as a product can be marketed to the mass.
  2. Datum Solution will jointly develop the product with client contributing industry expertise.
  3. Benefits such as company wide license, royalty from software sales and priority support will be offered to client.

Preliminary Study + Design

  1. Surface level study and design to determine the quantum of the development cost
  2. There will be a minimal charge for study if client decided not to proceed
  3. If project is too complex or huge, usually a comprehensive study and design phase together with its costs will be proposed
  4. A study will involve all necessary documents, forms, steps, people and conditions for the selected business process

Advantages – Cheaper and effective as you only focus to solve on problems you need — Increase operational efficiencies as you decide what you need to do with the business process.

Standard Development

  1. We will provide cost estimate for development after complete study and system design
  2. We employ best practices across the entire system development and implementation stages, however, we constantly improvise and sensitive to your feedbacks to provide better solutions
  3. Once confirmed, we will start with a prototype, which without much delay you can see it in action
  4. You can provide feedback so that we can modify until it is more acceptable on your side
  5. Then we will program the business logics and conditional exceptions to the software

Testing & Implementation

  1. At each stage starting from the prototyping stage, we expect involvement from your side to be familiar with the new software
  2. Once completed, we can guide you to do a testing strategy and see whether the software performs according to your needs
  3. Implementation for the software can also start during testing stage depending on your implementation approach