Why does ClearAgent exist? Isn’t there many accounting packages available in the market?

To offer a suitable and comprehensive solution for insurance industry. Generic accounting system is usable, however, there are still many manual work required for the operations side, which is time consuming. In other words, a system should work around the business instead of business work around to the software.

How much savings can I expect from using ClearAgent?

Comparing to using other accounting systems or manual (using spreadsheets) methods, you can safely realize at least 50% reduction in administrative work and improve customer service turnaround time.

Is ClearAgent stable enough for me to use on my business operations?

Yes, absolutely. It’s ready for prime-time production.

ClearAgent has been in used since year 2000, with full fledge insurance agencies using it for daily operations, accounting, reporting and analysis. It has been proven stable with continuous requests and feedback to improvise the system and cater for new requirements both operations and regulatory.

What kind of hardware do I need to run ClearAgent?

Hardware requirements depend on many factors, such as number of users, transactions, related operations, branches, etc. However, the system is scalable to meet growing needs and one can start with the entry level desktop computer available in the market.

What is SSUS? And do I need it?

SSUS is our support and updates contract on a yearly basis. As for our concept, we believe in offering software as a service – in other words, computer is a worker to your company. The software is only part of the service – we include new updates such as improvements to the operations and remote support to complement the software that you have invested.

Without SSUS, the software implemented is similar to a car that you invested without spare parts or mechanic that does the maintenance.