ProLine Early 2009 Promotion

4 02 2009


ProLine is developed to assist service oriented companies to computerize their operations to reduce time-consuming work and drive up customer service.

Details for this promotion is as below:

What is the difference between ProLine Basic and other editions?

ProLine Basic is the same and it includes System Manager, PLCore and PLAccounts for 1 computer.

Similar to Enterprise edition except that it comes with standard reports and standalone for 1 computer only.

If you need to extend the system to more computers, we can upgrade it to enterprise edition.

Price will be quoted based on number of computer licenses required. The price for each computer is MYR 3,800 as of time of this document.

This package comes with on-site installation and training.

All year round technical support is provided via remote support on phone and Internet.

After the installation and training, you may also request for on-site support separately.

Not forgetting, 60 days MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

To order, please call or fill in this form.

*This offer is only limited to companies in West Malaysia.